Recipe Round-up: A Gluten Free Saint Patrick’s Day

(c) Alexas_Fotos, [2]

(c) Alexas_Fotos,

While I do love turning any food green and calling it a “Saint Patrick’s Day special,” this year I thought I would focus on actual, real, traditional Irish food (you know, instead of being an uncultured swine). And of course, having celiac disease as I do, all the recipes I make have to be gluten free. So, for your reading and cooking pleasure, I present the Irish recipes I want to try this week!

Irish Soda Bread
The first food that popped into my head is obviously Irish soda bread. I decided to use one that popped up on my Bloglovin’ feed – the one from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

This blog appeals to me for obvious reasons (I’m poor and I’m gluten free), and I’ve never once had a bad experience with her recipes. Since she focuses on cheap ingredients, odds are that I have everything I need to make one of her recipes on hand immediately. I don’t know how traditional it is, since it’s a little cake-like in consistency, but it is damn good.

Shepherd’s Pie
This is the next food I wanted to try. Since shepherd’s pie is made with a potato crust, it seemed like a natural alternative to a gluteny casserole, anyway. There are two recipes for this that I want to try. One comes from Gluten Free on a Shoestring, and again is a little non-traditional. It serves a stew with scalloped potatoes on the side. The other, much more traditional version comes from the completely wonderful site (another lifesaver).

(c) roxymjones,


Irish Stew
Again, two here I want to try. One is from the Gluten Free Goddess, who is another of my favorite bloggers to follow, and the other comes from The Goddess’s uses sausage, while About’s uses lamb. I’m not sure which is more traditional, but I do know that on a budget, sausage is a better choice than lamb.

Colcannon is something I’ve heard mentioned, but never quite knew what it was. Turns out it’s a traditional potato side dish, supplemented by cabbage and/or kale. It is a cheap, hearty, filling meal (again, bonus points for those qualities!). The first version I want to try is the Gluten Free Goddess’s, and the other is from the article I mentioned before. Both look excellent!

Corned Beef
I always worry about corned beef because I have it in my head that it’s flavored with something gluteny, like whiskey or beer. This turns out to be a vicious lie, and I don’t know why I’ve believed it all these years. Unless the corned beef itself has a gluten filling in it (unlikely), or the glaze has something dangerous, it’s usually just a straight up brine. In keeping with the rest of this list, here are my two options: one is Alton Brown’s and the other is a full recipe for glazed corned beef and cabbage from

Boxty is a sort of potato pancake/hash browns combo (I want to eat some right now, just typing that description. I can’t even…) I first read about them on Christina’s Cucina (a blog by a lovely Italian woman who grew up in Scotland. Basically, if I could have chosen my own life path, that is what I would have chosen). She posted a recipe for them earlier this week, and I thought they looked AMAZING!!! Just make sure you use gluten free all-purpose flour!

So you know what I’ll be busy cooking the rest of this week…what’s on your St. Patty’s day menu?

You can also find all these, as well as other gluten free recipes I love/want to try, on my GF Pinterest board. Friend me over there, and feel free to suggest recipes for the next roundup!

2 thoughts on “Recipe Round-up: A Gluten Free Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. What a great post, and thank you for linking to my boxty recipe! They would absolutely be great done gluten-free, too! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Emily!


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