Review: Gluten Free Pillsbury Muffins

Normally I hear about new gluten free products pretty far in advance, on account of the number of gluten free and food blogs I read. But I had heard nary a whisper of Pillsbury’s latest GF offering: ready to eat muffins!

As per usual when I run across some unexpected gluten free good fortune, I pretty much lost my sh*t. I was perusing the freezer case at Giant Eagle, debating between fake sandwich bread and fake rye bread, when I saw the boxes. At first I didn’t really give them a second look, because I’m just not used to seeing something so delectable looking in the GF freezer case. Often, sadistic grocery store managers put yummy looking gluteny stuff in the same case as GF stuff, so I’m used to just skimming the case for labels I recognize and ignoring everything else.

I don’t know what made me do a double take on that lucky afternoon, but thank goodness I did!

There were two varieties: blueberry and chocolate chip. So obviously I got one of each.

The muffins themselves are a decent size – about half the size of the palm of my hand. Here they are pictured with some tea cups for reference:

Pillsbury suggests the following method for serving the muffins:

The bright red, capital letters crack me up…I imagine them being shouted by a TV announcer. REMOVE!! muffin from wrapper. Muffin may be HOT!!!

So of course I followed the very emphatic instructions to sample one of each with my breakfast. I decided to do it fancy: plate all my food like a restaurant and have a nice breakfast feast.

The chocolate chip ones have a really robust taste. They’re a little sweet but also have a nice, almost savory undertone to them. They had a really nice crumb and were very moist (if you can forgive the use of a fairly disgusting word). These were buttery and smooth and delicious.

I was a little disappointed with the blueberry ones, though. They were denser and almost had a raw quality. They weren’t actually raw, but they didn’t have a very good mouth feel and were heavy instead of light and pillowy. Don’t get me wrong; they were better by far than most ready-to-eat gluten free muffins I’ve tried in the past (with the exception of Whole Foods Bakery stuff, which is out of this world). But they weren’t as good as the chocolate chip ones. I’m wondering if the blueberries affected the texture as it heated up. Next time, I’m going to let it sit on the counter and defrost naturally and see if that makes a difference.

Overall, I’m still crazy excited about these little guys. It’s so encouraging to have mainstream companies coming out with new GF products. Being able to eat like normal people do makes life so much more enjoyable. Today at work, everyone was eating from the new Cinnabon, and I was happy as a clam with my chocolate chip muffin. Who knew such dreams could come true?



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