Coming Attractions: Summer School

(c) Hans, [2]

(c) Hans,

After a very restful semester off from classes, they are beginning again in June. I’m actually kind of excited to go back! (I say that every semester, regardless of how long the break was. I don’t know why I expect any differently.)

I’ve decided to only do two classes per semester from now on. It’s going to take me longer to finish, but it will also preserve my sanity, so I think it’s worth it.

The two I’m taking this summer are Meal Management and Management Principles. I’m particularly excited about Meal Management because a) it’s part of my major, b) I find the nutrition classes fascinating, obviously, c) I’ve been practicing meal planning for a while, d) I think this will be one of the most helpful of all the major classes. I mean, yes, knowing how the body chemically breaks food down and uses it to function is interesting and overall helpful knowledge. But knowing how to put meals together to meet all major nutritional needs and also fit with a client’s specific dietary needs is definitely knowledge I’ll be accessing more often.

We’ll also be talking about resource management, meaning financial situations and access to different types of food based on cultural and social situations. Pretty cool, right?

The other class, Management Principles, sounds like a typical business course. Not as fancy or exciting as the nutrition classes, but definitely needed and useful, especially if I decide to start my own small business someday (or even applicable to my current small business – aka my Etsy shop). This one is an online class that doesn’t start until July, which is kind of nice – the load between the two will be pretty well balanced.

I can’t wait to share what I learn with all of you!

What questions do you have about managing your meals? How do you feel about business courses?

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