Piling on the Miles


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I had all kinds of great plans for workouts to try out and post about over the summer: Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn workout (a modified version, obvi), some from my weight lifting app, some ballet barre from YouTube…alas, my immune system had different plans for me this year.

Instead, I put on about ten pounds over the summer. Thanks a lot, thyroid. You’re a jerk.

I swam when I could – I adore swimming (blame my childhood obsession with mermaids) – but it super tuckered me out and made me ravenous. So between the two, it didn’t do me much good.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious working out, either cardio or lifting. I miss it. I watch TV shows like McCleod’s Daughters (about a bunch of girls running a cattle/sheep ranch in Austrailia – check it out on Hulu) or read a book like Leaving Time (about an elephant sanctuary), and I remember how when I was little I wanted to work with animals. I wanted a job like these characters have.

Alas, a retail shift exhausts me, so shearing sheep/hoisting feed bags/maintaining fences/training elephants is probably out of the question. And that’s not even factoring in my allergies or my asthma, which is triggered by heat and dust.

Yeah. But I’m gonna work on a ranch.


Instead of diving into that spiral of sadness tinged with bitterness, I reminded myself that I might not be able to rope cattle, but there are things my body will let me do, and I need to find a way to be happy with that and make the most of it.

Since I spent my summer working and napping, I figured walking would be a good way to ease back into the swing of things. I’m just starting to feel beter, and I don’t want to dive into a crazy routine that will push me over the edge and back into a full-blown flare. So I’m going to make like a turtle and go slow and steady.

pile on the miles logo 1One of my favorite bloggers – Monica from RunEatRepeat – does this thing every November called Pile on the Miles. Basically, it’s a way for her readers and other health bloggers to keep accountable during this time of year when chocolate, cake, cookies, and pie are on every corner. It’s not about depriving yourself of food you like – it’s about moving just a little more than you might have otherwise.

AKA: Perfect for Emily.

If you want to join in, here’s the rules from Monica:

Pile On the Miles rules:

1. Sign up by completing this form.

There will be a place for your name, email and goal for the month (I will not share your email with any outside parties).

2. Set your goal to WALK or RUN or MOVE xx amount of miles or minutes in November.

These could be miles OR a set time on the treadmill OR  walking or running or cycling… Do your favorite exercise!


I will run 20 miles in November!

I will walk to the donut shop and only order 1

3.  Leave a comment on RunEatRepeat.com every weekday from Nov 1st to Nov 26th with your Mileage/Minutes/Rest day/Other. Check-in for that day to stay on track and accountable (plus you get to win prizes).

*You don’t have to run or walk that day to enter – you just have to stay accountable. Check in every day. Stay on track with your goals. Be honest with yourself.

Don’t skip a day or ‘forget’ to do something active. This time of year is hard to prioritize exercise and healthy eating. This challenge is meant to keep you from pushing exercise off.*

My goal is to walk, bike, or do yoga (depending on my energy level) for thirty minutes at least five days per week (leaving me two rest days should I need them). The walk can be brisk or a leisurely stroll – I just want to try to be a little active.

Will you be piling on the miles?


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