Best News Ever: Starbucks Has a Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich!

Guys! Guys!! GUYS!

Starbucks has gone beyond the gluten free marshmallow dream bar they’ve had for years, and are now selling…


Yeah. Dreams do come true.

They come premade in hermetically sealed paper bags (lined inside) and are cooked and served in the bag, so there’s zero risk of cross contamination.

There is a fluffy scrambled egg, white cheddar cheese, and two slices of Canadian bacon inside. The bacon sends the sodium level through the roof (740mg 😬), but I took one slice off and it was just as delicious. I’m not a huge Canadian bacon fan, anyway, though.

The roll is a ciabatta roll, so it’s kind of flat, like an English muffin. But it’s very fluffy and is dusted with GF flour, which is something I haven’t experienced in a decade and a half. It has an interesting flavor that I couldn’t quite put my finger on – after checking out the ingredients, I think it might be the prune juice! It doesn’t taste like prunes – it tastes more like a warm spice. It could also be the psyllium husn, but I’m not sure what that tastes like. Anyone know?

Anyway, the roll has a decent amount of fiber, and the whole thing is only 280 calories. The price is $4.75, which isn’t super cheap, but also what I would willingly pay for a frozen, make-at-home breakfast sandwich this quality from the grocery store.

Best of all, I didn’t have any celiac symptoms after eating it! It’s been 24 hours, and I still feel great.

This was such a lovely treat – while I make my own breakfast sandwiches quite often, I haven’t had one from a restaurant in 15 years. Sometimes it’s really nice to be out and about and just be able to get ready-made food. Thanks, Starbucks, for making the gluten free life just a little bit easier – and yummier!

Have any of you tried this yet? What did you think?

*side note: Starbucks has no idea I exist (except for my local baristas, obviously, who sold this to me), and did not pay me or reimburse me in any way for this review. It is 100% my own opinions.

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