Puppy Training


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It’s been kind of a stressful year so far (as you may have gleaned from my lack of posting). Work has been crazy, and because of that and some other big life events, my immune system has also been fritzing out on me. I’ve had all my typical autoimmune symptoms – low grade fevers, exhaustion, muscle aches, brain fog – in other words, it’s been a treat. Continue reading

Best News Ever: Starbucks Has a Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich!

Guys! Guys!! GUYS!

Starbucks has gone beyond the gluten free marshmallow dream bar they’ve had for years, and are now selling…


Yeah. Dreams do come true.

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Eating Fresh and Cheap: Chicken Noodle Soup


I’ve been down with the most ridiculous cold ever for the last two weeks. It’s lasting forever and will not go away, regardless of my arsenal of get-better teas, cough drops, sinus rinses, and nebulizer treatments.


So naturally, I wanted to make chicken noodle soup.  Continue reading

A Tribute to the First Badass Princess I Knew

I don’t really have anything I can say that other people haven’t about the passing of Carrie Fisher. I find it hard to believe that the world can continue existing without her in it – it seems wrong.

She is the first princess I knew who was also a badass – if I were a princess, that is the kind of princess I’d want to be.  Continue reading

Winter Isn’t Coming. It’s Here. 

One of the sites I adore is called Nerd Fitness

If you don’t know why, I suggest you go back and read some of my older posts. I’ll wait. 

They post a lot of workouts that are, obviously, nerdy. Usually, these workouts are pretty intense, and given my current life circumstances, they’re something to aspire to rather than jump into at this moment. 

But recently they posted one called “Winter is Coming.” There’s a different Workout for each season of Game of Thrones, with moves based on the events of that season. Not only are they totally doable, but all of them are easily modifiable for skill/energy level (ie in the season two workout, you do “Robb Stark Pushes Ahead,” which is basically just push-ups. But they give you a lot of options for what type of push-ups, ranging in skill level and difficulty). 

The question is, will this workout make me this ripped? The answer is probably not.

Plus, all the workouts can be done anywhere – indoors or outdoors, which is a huge bonus for this of us who work retail and are at work pretty much every moment the sun is out (oh sunshine…how I miss you). 

Anywho, here’s the link. I’m planning on doing the season one warmup and the seasons four/five workout tonight. 

Which one are you going to try?

From the Archives: Blerg. Plus Holiday Eating Tips.

(c)naturalbox - fotolia.com

(c)naturalbox – fotolia.com

This is my most popular post from the 2014 holiday season, so I thought I’d share it again! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Next week is finals.  This is my first semester taking a full load of classes since 2008, and…well…
Blerg. That’s pretty much all my brain is capable of of at this point.

In the meantime, I’m still trying to keep up with nutrition news, which means one thing:

Holiday Eating Tips.

Apparently, this is all dietitians want to talk about at this time of year.  There are a few articles out there with good-but-healthy recipe ideas, but the majority are about How To Keep Off Weight Gain During This Oh-So-Disastrous Season. Continue reading