Best News Ever: Starbucks Has a Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich!

Guys! Guys!! GUYS!

Starbucks has gone beyond the gluten free marshmallow dream bar they’ve had for years, and are now selling…


Yeah. Dreams do come true.

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From the Archives: Blerg. Plus Holiday Eating Tips.

(c)naturalbox -

(c)naturalbox –

This is my most popular post from the 2014 holiday season, so I thought I’d share it again! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Next week is finals.  This is my first semester taking a full load of classes since 2008, and…well…
Blerg. That’s pretty much all my brain is capable of of at this point.

In the meantime, I’m still trying to keep up with nutrition news, which means one thing:

Holiday Eating Tips.

Apparently, this is all dietitians want to talk about at this time of year.  There are a few articles out there with good-but-healthy recipe ideas, but the majority are about How To Keep Off Weight Gain During This Oh-So-Disastrous Season. Continue reading

Recipe Review: Gluten Free Buttermilk Biscuits from Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Guys, I do not have words to express how much I love these biscuits. They are from Nicole over at Gluten Free on a Shoestring, and I am not exaggerating when I say I did not think I would ever eat food this good again. Especially not food that I made!

Yes, I’m a good baker, but I didn’t believe I would ever get a rise like that on something gluten free.


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Recipe Review: Greek Yogurt Pancakes from Pioneer Woman

As per usual, when I’m looking for weekend brunch recipes, the PioneerWoman  comes to the rescue!

The Pioneer Woman rocks. She is the second food blogger I ever started following like 8 years ago (the first was Smitten Kitchen, who ultimately led me to Pioneer Woman via her version of Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon roll recipe). In a world of health bloggers*, Pioneer Woman is unafraid of butter, beef, and sugar. It’s pretty great. Any time I want a recipe that will wow my guests or that is 100% comfort food, she is the first one I check.

So when I wanted to try a new recipe for weekend brunch, she was obviously my go to.

She came out with a new cookbook last year called Dinnertime. Despite the name, she has an entire section called “Breakfast for Dinner,” to which I turned in my hour of need.

The first recipe in the section is called Greek Yogurt Pancakes. Since I love Greek yogurt, and pancakes are my all-time favorite breakfast food, I decided I need look no further.

The recipe is fairly simple and is very easy to alter to be gluten free. Just use GF flour (Pillsbury All Purpose is my favorite) and GF yogurt (I like Dannon or Oikos). One thing I really like about this recipe is that you can make all kinds of flavors by changing the yogurt. I did vanilla, strawberry, and banana ones.

They’re an absolute breeze to whip up. My only concern was that they were a little difficult to flip, even in my Teflon pan. They got all squinched up like an accord is  when I tried to move them. The best trick I found was letting them cook longer than I thought they needed to. Using my most flexible spatula also helped.

The pancakes were heavier than regular ones, obviously – not as lift and fluffy. But they had the most fabulous flavor – bright and creamy and tangy and sweet. The other major benefit is that, since they have so much protein in them, they stuck with me and kept me fuller a lot longer than regular pancakes do.

Overall, these pancakes lived up to Pioneer Woman’s rep. They were insanely delicious, quick and versatile, filled me up, and were even good frozen and reheated a few days later. I’d be happy to eat them for breakfast, brunch or dinner any time!

Review: Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally

File Mar 24, 12 15 26 AMMy friend C texted me earlier this week and said she wanted to try coloring eggs with natural dyes this year. Normally, I hate coloring Easter eggs. I’m the kind of clutzy that gets food coloring all over my hands and arms (and, yes, sometimes my face if I scratch my chin or something), and then it stays indelibly for about a week, and I look like a moron.

But, I thought, maybe natural dyes will be different! C is my crafting buddy – we’re always having knit-nights, shopping for yarn, making homemade Christmas cards, etc, so I knew I would have fun even if I did end up with green streaks all over me. Continue reading

“F*ck That” – A Guided Meditation

(c) johnhain,

(c) johnhain,

I am not really big on meditation. I get really fidgety, and my type-A brain can’t be quiet for long periods of time. This is why I have to have music on to fall asleep, for example (it’s really soothing spa-type music, but still). My brain needs to be occupied in some way in order for me to relax. Continue reading

From the Archives – Article Review: “Intuitive Eating” and Being Out of Control

(c) PublicDomainPictures,  This really has nothing to do with intuitive eating. I just love the face!

(c) PublicDomainPictures,
This really has nothing to do with intuitive eating. I just love the face!

I’ve been thinking a lot about intuitive eating/mindful eating lately – paying attention to what I’m eating instead of reading or watching TV whilst chewing, noticing where I am on the hunger/fullness scale and eating when I need to before I get all shaky or stopping before I get all bloaty.

So this article by Emily Fonnesback, a registered dietitian, was right up my alley. Even the title is awesome:

Intuitive Eating: Do You Feel Out of Control? Congratulations, You’re Normal!

Hilarious, right?

She opens the post by talking about how once we start eating intuitively – not categorizing foods as “good” or “bad,” no longer dieting, following the whims of our taste buds and feeling free to eat without judgement, we will probably start to feel out of control: Continue reading