Meal Plan Ideas: Summer Lunch in the Tropics

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So school started this week! The class I’m in right now is called Meal Management. I was super excited for this class. It turned out to be a little more basic than I thought it would be – more focused on shopping, costs, timing, etc., than designing nutritional content based on outside factors.

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Coming Attractions: Summer School

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After a very restful semester off from classes, they are beginning again in June. I’m actually kind of excited to go back! (I say that every semester, regardless of how long the break was. I don’t know why I expect any differently.)

I’ve decided to only do two classes per semester from now on. It’s going to take me longer to finish, but it will also preserve my sanity, so I think it’s worth it.

The two I’m taking this summer are Meal Management and Management Principles. Continue reading

Summer To-Do List (plus where I’ve been)

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Hey everybody! I know, it’s been a while again. I’ve had a lot going on since Easter – starting a new job, digestive issues, lots of doctor’s appointments (many of my yearly check-ups are scheduled for this time of year – some were to do with the aforementioned digestive issues, though), working a ton, and oddly, selling a lot on my Etsy site (which has kept my fingers flying).  There will be some posts on some of these things coming up with more details, but for now..

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August Fitness Goals: Checking in on 8/26/2015

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Last week was kind of rough for me. I had a lot going on with training for my two jobs, and then I got really sick on Thursday and Friday. Not complaining – but excusing my fairly sucky performance on my goal fitness programs this week. I’d say I got about half of what I wanted to done – mostly because the second half of the week involved a strict diet of toast, crackers, and tea at regular intervals.

If you want to read the other (non toast/cracker/tea involving) posts in this series, here they are:

August Fitness Goals
August Fitness Goals: Checking in on 8/10/2015
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Good News

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(c) Prawny,

After a long, grueling, and stressful summer, things finally seem to be turning around. First – I got the job at the hospital!!

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August Fitness Goals

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(c) MrTommy,

August has always been my favorite month. Perhaps that’s because my birthday is in August; maybe because the new school year starts in August; maybe because August is always stuffed full of all the fun stuff you’ve been meaning to do all summer but now have a deadline for.

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Summer To-Do: Checking in 7/30

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(c) maksim pasko – (text added by emilystarblog)

Time to check in again! I’ve had two full months now of working on my summer to-do list/bucket list. How much have I gotten done? Continue reading