Things You Only Hear in Science Class, 10/9/2014

Coming to you once again from Microbiology:

Me: What did you get?

Friend: Herpes! How awesome is that?! What about you?

Me: The flu. Damn it.

The context: we’re doing small group presentations on different viruses.  My group, sadly, got the flu, which is kind of boring, while the group next to us, obviously, got herpes, which is going to make for a way more interesting presentation.

I know I’ve been AWOL for the last month or so – actually, I just checked, and it’s been exactly a month! Funny – it has been tough adjusting to the new class load.  I’ll be back later this weekend with a longer update about some of the fun new things I’m learning, as well as some pictures of bacteria that I grew in lab (woohoo! It’s pretty cool.  Gross.  But cool.).

Things You Only Hear in Science Class, 9/9/2014

Time for a new feature on the blog!  Coming as I do from an English background, some of the stuff that goes on in science classes, which is probably very commonplace to other science people, cracks me up as an outsider.

This quote is coming to you from Microbiology lab this morning.

Are you done with the E. coli? Because I need some.

We were learning how to do Gram stains, to classify bacteria under microscopes, which was actually really cool and fun, so this comment made complete sense in context.  Out of context? Hilarious.