Chronic Illness: When the Internet Gets it Right

I stumbled down a rabbit hole on Pinterest a few weeks back.

Pinterest is fairly dangerous this way. I’ll go on to kill a few minutes, and the next thing I know, it’s two hours later, and I’ve pinned about 30 Doctor Who pins and have clicked from one pin to another so many times that hitting the back button no longer takes me to my home page.

It’s a whole thing. This happens most often with Doctor Who, coloring pages (yes, I know I’m a grown woman), and dessert recipes.

That says something about me. I’m not sure what. Continue reading

How My Tattoo Changed my Life

(c) Mbragion, pixabay.comOne thing that I wrote about way back in August is being body positive. At the time, I had just read a really good piece by Dot over on the blog Fierce Fat Firefly (yes, the blog is just as awesome as it sounds), and started a “motivation to love yourself” board over on Pinterest because of the August fitness challenge I was doing.

The piece is called “My Body Positive Tattoo.” Dot writes about how having a tattoo changed the way she felt about her body.

I loved reading this, because I had such a similar experience. Continue reading