Please don’t take away my food!



This week, there has been a startling number of disturbing posts on sites I read regularly.

These posts allege that the gluten-free fad cannot last much longer, and that soon all the lovely gluten-free foods available on grocery store shelves will begin to fade away. They seem to have an, “ah, well, it was fun while it lasted…” tone. They are written by bloggers or food sites that I respect.

They make my stomach hurt. Continue reading

The Symptoms Never Bothered Me Anyway…Being Chronically Ill During the Holidays

Gluten Free Icons

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I wrote this post in November 2014. I’ve been debating whether or not to post it, because it’s really personal and kind of long. But today I heard about a friend of one of my cousins who was just diagnosed with a chronic illness, and my heart broke a little. So I’m going to post this, despite the personal aspects and the length. If you or anyone you know has a chronic illness, I hope this bit of my story helps you feel like you’re not alone this holiday season.  Continue reading

The Gluten Monster

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(c) THPStock –

I’m on a couple of AND’s list servs. Earlier this week, a dietitian sent out a note wondering if someone could help her motivate a patient who’s having trouble sticking to the GF diet.

Reading this sent me down memory lane. Continue reading

Everybody Poops: Here’s the Scoop

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Now that the semester is over and I’ve taken a few weeks to sleep, eat healthy food again, and basically just chill poolside, I’ve decided to write a few posts about the last units we did in each of my classes.  All of my professors saved the coolest, most interesting stuff for the last weeks of class, which is pretty smart of them. Continue reading

The Magical Fruit

(c) Loretta Lynn,

(c) Loretta Lynn,

A few weeks ago we did “plant proteins” in Food Science lab.

Aka, beans, nuts, legumes, etc.  This involved eating lots of tofu and lots of beans.

Let me start by saying that normally, I pick beans out of everything.  I don’t like them.  Chili? Should be beanless.  Chipotle? Just give me the steak, please.  Childish? Absolutely.  But I. Don’t. Like. Beans. Continue reading